Data collection for the project is now closed.
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“The free Project Pack contains the essential ingredients needed to conduct your survey, but you also have the option of printing the downloadable materials, and sourcing your own mustard and vinegar. Any regular vinegar or powdered mustard is fine - just remember to use the same products throughout your survey. You will need 15ml of vinegar and 30g of powdered mustard - one heaped tablespoon (about 15g) of mustard powder per 500ml of water.”


Citizen Scientists Like You

Queen Victoria Primary School, Dudley

The children and parents of Queen Victoria Primary School thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Earthworm Watch project. We have a passion for investigating at our school and are very pleased our young scientists have contributed to real science. As one Year Four student expressed, "I never thought earthworms were so important and could be so interesting!".

Mark, Akela, Cubs Leader

“The cubs really enjoyed getting stuck into Earthworm Watch. We have been doing our Naturalist Badge and visiting a site regularly to see what wildlife we can find. This gave us a chance to discover more wildlife…. under the soil. It’s amazing how fascinated they all were with the worms and how quickly they were able to identify the different ones. We will definitely be doing this again in the autumn to see what changes there are."

Sarah Staunton Lamb

"My kids and I love exploring the garden together and learning about nature. This was a perfect opportunity for us to get actively involved in a science project, spend time together, and enjoy being outdoors. We had so much fun!"

Data collection for the project is now closed. Thank you for your support!

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Earthworm Watch is a collaboration between Earthwatch Institute (Europe) and the Natural History Museum in London

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