Devil's Coach Horse beetle attacking an earthworm

Devil's Coach Horse beetle attacking an earthworm. Credit: sarefo - CC BY-SA 3.0 via

Earthworms are food for many animals, most people will have seen a bird tugging an earthworm from the ground, or even gulls drumming their feet to bring earthworms up to the surface. Earthworms are also a major food source for moles, badgers, hedgehogs and foxes but there are many smaller animals that feed on earthworms.

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Giant Palouse Earthworm Driloleirus americanus

Giant Palouse Earthworm Driloleirus americanus Credit: Chris Baugher CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Today is Endangered Species Day, which aims to make people aware about endangered species, why they are threatened and how they can be helped. An endangered species is one where its population is especially low, when the last have gone it is classed as extinct. Around the internet today there will be lots of articles on familiar endangered animals such as elephants, rhinos and tigers, but lots of smaller animals, including some earthworms, are also endangered.

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Celebrating a legacy of discovery, Lyme Regis once again welcomed visitors to its annual Lyme Regis Fossil Festival; where patrons old and new got the chance to get their hands dirty in the name of earth science!

Dishing the dirt on the day was the Earthworm Watch station; a stop that let visitors touch the invertebrates and learn about their role in the soil.

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Thanks to those of you who have signed up and supported Earthworm Watch so far this season. The next few weeks of Spring are an excellent time to find earthworms in your gardens, allotments and green spaces. If you have received your survey pack, but have yet to dig for earthworms and submit your records, please get involved.

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Victoria in her natural habitat studying earthworms from a recently collected sample 

The Earthworm Watch survey season is well and truly in full swing, so if you have signed up and received your survey pack, but have yet to dig for earthworms and submit your records, please get involved! The next few weeks are a brilliant time to look for these remarkable creatures in your gardens, allotments and other community spaces.

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About Us

Earthworm Watch is a collaboration between Earthwatch Institute (Europe) and the Natural History Museum in London

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