What do you know about the humble earthworm? Discover how and why human beings and the wildlife we love depend upon earthworms as Earthworm Watch comes to WWT London Wetland Centre for the very first time on Saturday 22nd October 2016. To celebrate World Earthworm Day, join scientists from the Natural History Museum and Earthwatch Institute to discover more about earthworms and Earthworm Watch.

Earthworm Watch is a citizen science project that allows children, families and gardeners (in fact, anyone!) to become part of a research team to study earthworms and gather data as part of a scientific study. This can be done in your garden, school ground or other green spaces. Visitors on the day can join the Earthworm Watch team and get their hands muddy in the Wetland Living area on the South Route of the site. Visitors can take part in a worm charming competition, ask scientists their burning questions about earthworms, and get involved in Earthworm Watch.

Anthony Roach, Earthworm Watch Community Co-ordinator from Earthwatch Institute says:

"It’s simple to do, and your research really will make a difference! The earthworms you uncover will help scientists learn more about the hidden but vitally important role played by these beloved creatures in creating healthy soils"

You will have the chance to meet Victoria Burton, lead  scientist on the Earthworm Watch project, and Emma Sherlock, Curator of Free-Living Worms and Porifera (Sponges) at the Natural History Museum who will be on hand to answer your questions.

Victoria regularly communicates the scientific findings for Earthworm Watch and here is a link to the results so far

Emma is a passionate advocate of the earthworm and as the curator of earthworms has featured on BBC Springwatch and Radio 4 talking about why earthworms are important. Here is a link to Emma talking about her passion for earthworms.

Earthworm activities are free (with paid admission to the Wetland Centre) and will be run by the Earthworm Watch team between 11am – 4pm. Some activities will require booking on the day.

We thank the Mitsubishi Corporation Fund for Europe and Africa for their financial assistance towards the Earthwatch Institute’s citizen science events.

Upcoming Events

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the London Wetlands Centre event as you can also join members of our research team at other events and still sign up to the project by visiting our website.

Saturday 22nd October - Earthworm Day at the London Wetland Centre

Tuesday 25th October – Earthworm Watch visits Oxford University’s Harcourt Aboretum

Wednesday 26th October – Earthworm Watch visits Oxford University’s Oxford Botanic Gardens

Saturday 28th October – Victoria Burton talks Earthworm Watch at The Natural History Museum